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How Do you Get Traffic to your Funnel/Website/Offer/Social Media

 to increase sales  for your online business?

There are 3 types of Traffic Sources...

1.  Organic or FREE Traffic

2. Paid Traffic

3.  Earned Traffic

There are many ways to promote and build your business/product.  

For example, there are the social media sites… Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, you could start blogging, or create your own website etc. 

You need to decide how and where you are going to market your product and I recommend that you stick with one platform until you master it and you are generating leads from it, approximately 10-20 leads/visitors per day.  

1.  Free Traffic ideas - Using Social Media, you could start your own Face Book group and people will start coming to you once you add value, build trust, build a rapport and the sales will come.  You could start your own You Tube Channel, see how the Entrepreneurs are doing theirs, become an expert in your field. You could become an Instagram Influencer, research the top influencers for this platform and model them. Whichever platform you choose to help get you traffic, you will need to post and engage on a daily basis, especially in the beginning when you are starting out and growing your business. 

2. Paid Traffic Ideas - If you have the budget for Paid Traffic, then great, you can place ads on any of the above social media platforms and target people who are interested in similar topics to your product.  With a Face Book Ad you can target the people who have liked or purchased from people with Big Names/Top Earners and get your Funnel out there in front of them. You can pay someone to place ads for you using SOLO ads. You could use Google Ads.  There are a ton of others, you will need to do some research to see what suits your product and budget.

3.  Earned Free Traffic - Earned traffic will take longer, you will need to join forums or FB groups that are relevant to your brand/product, area of interest and build trust within these groups.  Once you engage regularly and become an expert in your Niche, groups/forums may even invite you to be a guest speaker on their site.  Some groups/forums will allow you to have your URL link after your name for people to click on and see your Funnel/‘Opt-In’ page or Web Page. 


Check out the Resources page for Targeted Traffic Offers.  

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